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Why it’s time to take a fresh look at Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have been, and continue to be, a hot topic in digital marketing. Without even meeting a company, I can, with a certain degree of confidence, assume they’re going to come up in a discovery meeting/strategy session.

When I bring them up, I normally get one of two responses from the other people in the room. These are;

They just won’t work for our industry

This one is by far the most common. The normal ‘reason’ for people saying this is because they’re a business-to-business (B2B) company. Their clients aren’t on Facebook and all their attention needs to go to LinkedIn.

We’ve tried them before and got nothing back

It’s 2019. At this stage in the game, most companies will have put at least some money into Facebook. Even if it’s on something as simple as clicking the ‘Boost’ button and choosing some targeting options.

If I was to ask you why you’re not investing each month into Facebook ads, would either of these have been your response?

If you’ve got something else – I’d love to hear it (Hit me up*LINK*)!

My reply to comments like these is nearly always the same. So, I’d like to share these with you now.

People are people

It doesn’t matter if someone is working in a B2B company or climbing Mount Everest. People are still people. Like it or not, the biggest online collection of people is on Facebook. It’s important to remember that no other platform has the scale or reach of Facebook.

My point is this: even if you’re trying to get the attention of Geoff, the the MD of the shipping company down the road, if you put something that interesting in front of him, it doesn’t matter what platform you’re reaching him on.

It all comes down to your message and attention

Many people think that digital marketing is this amazing, wonderous invention that means the normal rules of marketing don’t apply. You simply take something, stick it on every platform out there and maybe even send out a horrible looking email campaign.

Then you wait for the stampede of customers waving credit cards in your face. But, here’s the thing: it never comes. The reason it never comes is because all most companies do is stick a rushed, badly targetted offer out there that people don’t really care about.

It’s nearly always the weakness of your message that is letting you down. One thing I like to say to companies is that if they were taking out a billboard — a massive, great billboard that is going next to the busiest motorway in the country — what would they put on it? Remember, that this billboard is going to cost some serious money, so you need to make really sure that what you’re putting on it is effective.

If you were to look back at the Facebook Ads you’ve run before (or your organic posts if you’ve not run any before), can you say, hand on heart, they would get your customers attention?

Would you be happy to put this message on a £15,000 billboard?

Spend and commitment

As I mentioned earlier in this post, most companies will have at some point spent money on Facebook. What I find quite often is that people will say to me “we spent £50 six months ago, but didn’t get anything back from it”.

Now, if you’re selling a consumer product that costs £5, granted, that would be a horrific failure in terms of marketing. But, if you’re selling doors that cost £7,500 or memberships that cost £1,000s each year, is £50 really that bad?

It all comes down to what you would consider in your company is an acceptable cost per sale. You should ideally know what this number is before spending a penny on any marketing, not just digital marketing.

Once you know what you’re willing to spend per sale, you’ll likely look at the concept of spending a bigger amount of money on platforms like Facebook Ads with a bit more confidence. Not doing this really isn’t giving them a fair crack of the whip to give you results.

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