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Nice Words

I can’t play the trumpet and I don’t have a horn to toot, but I do have great clients that say lovely things (no clients were kidnapped, coerced or bribed in the making of these testimonials).

Andrew Clarke Freelance Developer / PHP Developer

I’ve worked with Shaun for many years across a multitude of roles and clients – both large and small! His knowledge of programming and web development coupled with his passion for marketing and promoting genuine growth have proved fundamental to many clients success in the digital arena – including my own. When I started freelancing full-time I quickly ran into a bunch of issues with accounting, contact management, time tracking, you name it. I couldn’t just write code and make people happy! 12 Strategic, Transparent, Effective Over the course of a few months Shaun worked with me identify the key areas that I was struggling with before introducing me to various technologies and people that would assist me. For example, HubSpot CRM coupled with Drip’s email automation changed my life. I’m now able to add a prospective client into my CRM and Drip will automatically contact them with various proposals, based upon a path I have determined for them.

Better still, as soon as this new prospect responds the automation is cancelled – so they don’t get too annoyed! Better still, through the use of Xero’s quoting and accounting software, Shaun showed me how to automate my billing, reminders and if necessary automatically call in the debt collectors. It’s hard to sum up just how much of a benefit Shaun has had upon my small company and life in general. I’m no longer working 16+ hours a day keeping on top of marketing/billing atop of my work commitments and sometimes it’s easier to let the numbers do the talking.

Since working with Shaun towards the end of last year and introducing all these new parts to my workflow, I’ve been able to secure over £10,000 in work whilst working considerably less hours. I’m on course to make close to triple what I did last year with half as many hours input – that’s huge! I would recommend him to any small/medium business owner who’s looking to make their life easier and business more productive! If he doesn’t help you, I’ll pay the bill myself!

Ben Sanson Squegg Brand Consultants / Creative Director

Shaun is an expert in his field. He is very particular, often enhancing projects by making recommendations. He is down to earth, speaks on your level and tells it how it is. His skills set are very valuable to any digital marketing project.

Dave Metcalfe Wilton Signs / Managing Director

I have worked with Shaun on a number of projects and found him to be extremely knowledgeable in all areas of web construction and in particular on eCommerce. Coupled with his skills in harnessing social media to boost our marketing to a specific set of potential customers we have seen a huge increase in web traffic and on-line sales.

David Anderson Auxin Services / Director

I have worked alongside Shaun for many years on many digital projects run my capacity as a technology focused consultant.  Our recent activity was for a project for which I am personally involved, which has seen the creation of a slick automated capability, which takes opportunities captured through marketing activities and day to day canvassing, turning them in to CRM contacts, and onwards enabling, individual automatically communications triggered by appropriate stage of sales engagement, which ensures that we are able to keep in touch with our contacts personally (and in line with latest regulations) and professionally, leaving them involved, interested but not hassled.

Andrew Blackett Engraving Studios / Managing Director

Shaun has become an extension of our team, going above and beyond to learn about our products, industry and our own workflow. He has been able to make recommendations for our online marketing strategy which have been well implemented, very cost effective and provide an immediate return on investment. We are always thrilled with the performance, attention to detail and results driven approach of Shaun’s work.

Having an expert like Shaun guiding us through the often technically mind-blowing and challenging online world in a friendly, approachable way is a real asset to us

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